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Plans for 2013

8 Jan

I know. I’m a week late. And you know what? I have officially lost my mind.

Yes, I have committed to running 13 half marathons for the year. Yep. Most of them will be virtual of course and on the treadmill. The treadmill is my best friend.
I figured since I have these big plans, I should spruce up my workout room. It had a nasty country western border that was just begging to be ripped off. Took me 4.5 hours, but I did it.




Oh, and my best friend:


I will be starting a running journal and a workout journal. I plan on lifting on off running days so by journaling I can keep track of what I do. I also plan on plugging in my Bodybugg for 30 days to get a “feel” where I am at. Make sense?

It’s not going to be easy, but I love challenging myself. I am so excited. I have 7 races in mind so far. Once they’re scheduled, I will share my calendar with you.

Have you set goals for the new year? Are you challenging yourself enough to get there?


16 Dec

Sometimes, a girl falls into a workout slump. I’ve been naughty lately. I can’t get my butt out of bed in the morning. So, I’ve been having to fit my workout in in the afternoon or the evenings. Makes me so mad. Part of this struggle is I’ve been having some issues with food lately. I know I can’t drink milk. So, I don’t. I think it may be getting worse, so as I’ve been going through the process of elimination, I have not been feeling the greatest. A lot of cramping and just feeling cruddy. That takes a lot of energy out of a girl. The last couple of days I’ve been feeling much better. I have one more dairy product that I will be testing and then I’m done. What an exciting life huh? It’s not a big deal to me if I can’t eat something. That doesn’t bother me. I just hate the process of figuring it out. Uggh. I’ll get it, don’t worry!

I am still getting my workouts in. I just have to wait for Tyrell to get home so I can go run or lift weights. Can’t have a 3 year old running around while you’re on the treadmill. Unless you’re an idiot. I really need to start waking up at 5 again and getting back into my morning groove. BAD!

I asked my fellow SPA sisters on what they do if they are in a workout rut. Here are their words of wisdom:

Christie says, “I usually switch it up for something else. Trying yoga, pilates, boxing, anything that’s different from my usual. Even Xbox kinect games (I feel ridiculous, but they’re fun) or things I can do with my kid.”

Nicole at Revvedrunner says, “I have found that when I engage in encouraging others, my ‘funk’ lifts. I am not saying that I go about the business of encouraging others with the hopes of getting out of my own funk, I am just doing it (I find that when I am most ‘funky’, I am the least involved in other things, sort of secluding myself). When I look back, I see that when I was the most active in encouraging others to do their thing, I was the least ‘funky’. Does that even make sense?! "

Lea says, “Sometimes a short break is what we need. I think it is perfectly normal to cycle from being highly motivated, to feeling blah. After all, this is a healthy lifestyle complete with ups and downs.”

Sarah at Fitbetty says, “Switch it up! Take some time off to reevaluate your goals and what you really want out of your workouts. Then find a new workout plan, class, or a new challenge to freshen things up. I try to change things up every1-2 months so you don’t feel like your in a rut. I was doing 3 days a week total body strength for quite a while, but now I’m doing a split. Even just that little change has made a difference for me.”

Marielle at Fit Girl Pretty World says, “Sometimes you just need a break, it’s ok to take a week off from the gym or your workout routine. Our bodies do need time to heal and recover and sometimes we forget about that! And like everyone else said- switch up your routine! “

Brittany at BBB Fit and Healthy says, “I find that it helps to try something totally new to break up the routine! Are you a runner? Try swimming! Zumba? try weightlifting, or ballet! Get crazy:) “

Molly says, “I force myself to go and either do something I have never done like a class or take a friend to something I like to look at it in new eyes. Just to revive the fun factor again!”

Martha at Marthalicious says, “Sometimes you just need to "deload" – stay away from working out until you can’t stand it any longer and you’re dying to get back in there and kill it Focus on keeping your nutrition spot on during this period and spend your workout time reading or writing or just relaxing. You will be a million times better off if you allow your body the time to just chill.”

Maria at Lil Mys Ninja says, “I just went through a similar funk recently! I’ve found that I was burnt out and needed a rest! I did beat myself over it but finally came to terms with it being ok to take a break. Then I chose a new workout I had not done to kinda "shock" my body and remotivate my mind and voila! I was back at it, rejuvenated! Motivational quotes help me get through it also and speaking with others about it helps too".

Thanks ladies for your input. Always remember that no one is perfect. We all go through the same thing. The important thing is is that you recognize and address it. Don’t ignore it and give up on yourself. NEVER! 

If you have completely fallen off the workout wagon, come read my post on Piper’s Run. I blab about that too.

Leafy Not Beefy

3 Dec

Name: Kelly
Leafy Not Beefy
Blog address:
Facebook: facebook.com/LeafynotBeefy
Twitter: @LeafynotBeefy

What’s your primary workout?
A combination of two programs: Oxycise and T-Tapp

How long have you been working out? A long time… consistently working out? Not very long.

How often do you work out?
I try to do something each day, my exercise programs aren’t long, so it’s usually a total of under 45 min. (often only 15)

What’s your favorite outfit to Sweat Pink in?
A pair of comfortable sweats and a comfortable t-shirt…I’m not really picky, but I have to feel good in it, both how I feel it looks on me and then also how warm/comfortable it actually is. I’m loving 2 pairs of Danskin sweats I have. I also have a pair of Nike Free Runs that I like, but am actually liking my $4 New Balance shoes (like new) I found at Goodwill.

What’s your favorite healthy snack and meal?
I love salads with beans in them. I also love smoothies!

If you could have one cheat day where nothing counted against you, what would you eat and do?
Oh boy… buy lots of ice cream 🙂 And maybe also creamy stroganoff (even though I’d feel sick…this is all hypothetical, so I’m assuming I can pretend I would feel fine) 🙂

What is your biggest motivation to staying fit?
Feeling happy, being the best me I can be.

Any advice for the beginners out there? Well, since consistency has always been my struggle, I still quite consider myself a beginning in many ways. So this advise is to myself just as much as to anyone else. I’d say keep your eye on the goal. Don’t let complacency derail you, but if it does, just hop right on again. You are much stronger, much more capable, and have more determination than you realize, and you settle for far less that you should.

What’s your favorite thing about blogging?
Having a voice, getting to know others, and getting to know what’s happening in the healthy-living world and sharing that with others.

How do you hope to inspire people?
I hope that people realize that you don’t have to be really athetic to start to get fit and healthy. They don’t have to be superhuman. That if I can accomplish this, you can too. That we all have our bad days, and it’s okay to admit that. I hope my care for others spills out and that others can relate. Some lofty goals, and I’m not there yet, but hopefully together we can all accomplish our goals. 🙂

Kasey rocks!

21 Nov

Have you just dipped your toes in the workout pool and you need a push or some inspiration? Kasey has some great advice for the beginners out there.

PLUS, this girl created my site’s logo. She totally rocks! So show her some love ❤


Name: Kasey Nichols

Blog address: www.kaseysurfs.wordpress.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/kaseysurfs

Twitter: @kaseysurfs

What’s your primary workout? As I am just transitioning into the healthy lifestyle I am beginning with some low impact workouts. I do a lot of walking. I add this into my daily lifestyle by parking farther away or walking to places within a safe distance rather than driving. I also do a 11 move yoga routine that I LOVE and if nothing else gives me the motivation to live healthy. I’m going to start training for 5Ks soon.

How long have you been working out? Having been  a serious competitive swimmer growing up (14 years) I used to work out twice a day five days a week. After I graduated from college the first thing I stopped doing was working out. It’s been about six years since I was working out intensely. I’ve been adding my workouts back into my life for about a month now.

How often do you work out? I do my yoga routine every morning. This gives me a routine that makes a healthy life easier. 

What’s your favorite outfit to Sweat Pink in? My gray old navy yoga pants, Saucony cross trainers, and of course my SPA sweat pink tank!

What’s your favorite healthy snack and meal? My favorite healthy snack is plain Greek yogurt, with a bit of cocoa powder and almonds. My favorite healthy meal is turkey burgers from Trader Joes (just turkey and rosemary) topped with hummus and avocado. Mmm.

If you could have one cheat day where nothing counted against you, what would you eat and do? Anything chocolate, and lots of it.

What is your biggest motivation to staying fit? My boyfriend is an avid surfer and he’s eager for me to be able to join him next summer. He loves teaching me and showing me all of the different boards. I am determined to join him in his greatest passion.

Any advice for the beginners out there? Don’t be overwhelmed by all of the information about healthy living. It’s enormous. Start with small changes that make sense in your life.

What’s your favorite thing about blogging? All of the connections I’ve made with some pretty fabulous people.

How do you hope to inspire people? I hope that people will see that you can reach any goal you just put your mind to. Even when your life may not be in the best spot. Healthy living is something we can always control and it’s a great way to remain confident.

Phyllis…one inspiring lady.

19 Nov

Another fun interview with a lady names Phyllis. Phyllis is another Sweat Pink Ambassador. Look to her for some inspiration. She will help you remind yourself that YOU can control your wellness and you can do anything if you put your mind to it.

Name: Phyllis Strand
Blog address: www.galfriday4hire.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pastrand107

What’s your primary workout? My primary workout is running.  I have completed several 5K’s one 10K and 2 half marathons.

How long have you been working out? I have been on this wellness journey since June 2011 with a full commitment.

How often do you work out? Everyday I do something for a fitter me!  I run every other day for sure. Long runs are on the week ends and by long runs I mean 6 plus miles.

What’s your favorite outfit to Sweat Pink in? I love to workout in running shorts and a tank top. That way I never get over heated. I love to race in my CRX compression leggings.  I call them my superhero outfit.  They make me feel like I can leap tall buildings in a single bound.

What’s your favorite healthy snack and meal? I love a green smoothie!  I have one everyday.  2 oranges squeezed with a scoop of raw warrior protein power and a health handful of kale.  Whip it up in the blender and yummy.  I am also a fan of hummus and pita chips.  I live on hummus. 

If you could have one cheat day where nothing counted against you, what would you eat and do? If I could cheat and nothing counted against my body, I would eat an omelet. I really miss eggs.  I recently found out that I have an inflammatory reaction to eggs so I eliminated them from my diet since August. 

What is your biggest motivation to staying fit? Wellness.  I was scared into getting well in March 2011 by a bout of optic neuritis.  I was over weight and had numbness in my hands and feet plus terrible migraines.  My doctors thought it was MS.  I knew I had to get my health in order.  One year later in March 2012 I was 50 pounds lighter, the numbness was almost gone and the vision was 100% better.  I am in control of my wellness once again.

Any advice for the beginners out there? You just have to start.  Make the commitment and do it. Its as easy as that.

What’s your favorite thing about blogging? My favorite thing about blogging is other bloggers.  They are great.  I never knew there were so many wonderful people out there with such good advice and information.

How do you hope to inspire people? I hope to inspire women over 50 that it is not to late to get fit and we are not too old to race.  You can literally turn back the clock and add years to you life by living a healthy lifestyle. Plus, its so much FUN!

Crystal Fun2Race

14 Nov

Name: Crystal Fun2Race
Blog address: http://crystalfun2race.wordpress.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/CrystalFun2Race
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Fun2Race


What’s your primary workout? Variety is my only constant.

How long have you been working out? All of my life.

How often do you work out? Usually 4-6 days per week.

What’s your favorite outfit to Sweat Pink in? 110% compression knickers or my "pink is the new fast" cycling kit.

What’s your favorite healthy snack and meal? Dark chocolate (that is healthy right?), salmon (or any grilled fish for that matter) and FRUIT.

If you could have one cheat day where nothing counted against you, what would you eat and do? Ice cream, espresso and catch up on sleep.

What is your biggest motivation to staying fit? Relieves stress and I feel better overall which makes me a better wife, daughter and friend to be around 🙂

Any advice for the beginners out there? Start slow and find something you enjoy (whether it is the activity itself or the company).

What’s your favorite thing about blogging? Reading comments people post on my blog and realizing people actually read what I write!

How do you hope to inspire people? I hope by sharing my own experience I can both challenge and encourage others in their own journeys.

Meet Glenda…

12 Nov

Let’s get moving with Glenda. Glenda is a Sweat Pink Ambassador. Find out what her motivation is!


Name: Glenda Rigby
Blog address: www.facebook.com/pinkshamrock.merrittisland
Facebook: www.facebook.com/glenda.rigby.1

What’s your primary workout? (right now) Walking 5+ miles a day and working out in pool to music jamming !!!

   How long have you been working out? My whole life.

How often do you work out? Every day.

What’s your favorite outfit to Sweat Pink in? My Victoria’s secret yoga pants and sweat pink tank and pink camouflage bandana and pink laces  !!!

   What’s your favorite healthy snack and meal? Popcorn.

If you could have one cheat day where nothing counted against you, what would you eat and do? Eat PIZZA and drink all day by pool .

What is your biggest motivation to staying fit? My daughter and son on the way !! 🙂

Any advice for the beginners out there? Just do it !!!  Get a friend to do it with you to make it easier and more fun and a part of your regular routine !!! 

What’s your favorite thing about blogging? Sharing and hoping to touch one person !!!

How do you hope to inspire people? By letting them know they matter and can do anything and even the tiniest step is a step and to rock on !!!

Chatting with Carmel

31 Oct

Meet Carmel! She’s a runner and she is here to motivate and inspire! She is also a Sweat Pink Ambassador with Fit Approach. Let’s get to know this girl and show her some love!


Website: www.thelifeandvibesof.com
Name: Carmel Nicolas
Age: 27
Location: Boulder, CO
Twitter: @LifeandVibesOf
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheLifeAndVibesOf?fref=ts

What’s your primary workout?
I am primarily a runner so my workout includes a mix of distance runs with some interval training mixed in! I have also been doing some serious kettlebell training, which I love — and do twice a week!

How long have you been working out?
I have been a committed runner for the last 2 years and haven’t looked back since!

How often do you work out?
I run 3-4 days a week. Kettlebell workouts twice a week and yoga once a week.

What’s your favorite outfit to Sweat Pink in?
I love Dryfit shorts by Nike, a good sportsbra tank (I am a c cup so I need all the support I can get!), drywick socks (to avoid blisters while running) and comfy shoes with lots of support for my arches.

What’s your favorite healthy snack and meal?
I love a salad of mixed herbs and greens, topped with some baked salmon. yum!

If you could have one cheat day where nothing counted against you, what would you eat and do?
Oh dear. I would eat biscuits and gravy with bacon and sausage for breakfast. Then go lay on the beach for a few hours while reading a book, then I would walk around and take pictures of beautiful random things. I’d have a buffulo chicken sandwich with bacon for lunch and wash that down with a milkshake. Then I would start happy hour at 4pm and drink margaritas till midnight. Dinner would be a huge italian spread with lots of pasta and chicken parmagian! dessert would be a huge plate of tiramisu! yum yum yum!

What is your biggest motivation to staying fit?
Looking at old pictures of me when I didn’t care about eating healthy or being active. **shudder** Also, as I get older my metabolism slowly decreases, so i’m basically trying to stay fit as I age.

Any advice for the beginners out there? Just know that it will not be easy. Welcome the challenge and remember to keep going. Also, it helps to have a good friend (or in my case, a fiance) who will support and motivate you.

What’s your favorite thing about blogging?
I love sharing my thoughts, experiences, and pictures with people who are looking for motivation and inspiration. I want to reach out to women who think they can’t run log distances or work out with heavy weights and give them the confidence they need to go out there and make a lifestyle change!

How do you hope to inspire people?
Lots and lots of positivity paired with an honest outlook on fitness. No, I don’t run 10 miles everyday, nor do I expect you to. I hope to inspire by being a good rolemodel and showing people that you can be active and still have a social life and eat cake and drink beers — the important part is keeping a balance.

Get on up!

14 Oct

Get your butt out of bed and get some sweat on! I need someone to stand by the side of my bed every morning at 5:00 am and scream this in my face. I used to be soooo good at getting my workouts in in the morning. 4:30 am actually. Maddox was just a little itty bitty guy back then and it was my only option. Now, I have more options and that actually makes it alot more difficult. I still workout out every day, but it’s usually in the afternoon or in the evening. I hate it. I just can’t get into my morning groove and I’m creating this list to help us both.


  • No snooze. I honestly do not hit snooze. I don’t even know how. I am guilty of setting my alarm to 5, then to 5: 30, and so on. Like that extra half hour makes a huge difference.
  • Still hitting snooze? Put your alarm clock across the room so you have to get up to shut it off.
  • Wear your workout clothes to bed.
  • Set out your workout clothes for the next day. I always have my workout clothes hanging up in the bathroom, ready to go.
  • Plan what workout you are doing ATLEAST a day in advance and get excited about it.
  • Put a motivating picture by your bed. Or a motivating quote. For me, it would be the opposite, but I’m weird. I should put a “fat Lindsay” picture on my nightstand to scare me out of bed.
  • Tell someone you are going to workout in the morning and ask them to hold you to it.
  • Ask a friend to workout with you. Whether it’s with you in the same room or you can workout together in your separate homes. Just knowing your BFF is yawning and slipping on her workout clothes just like you makes it so much easier to endure.
  • Plan a post-workout snack. I love food and I look forward to eating it. I like to plan my snacks. Usually it’s Shakeology, but after a run, it’s Shakeology and something else. Just keep it clean folks.
  • Have someone text you or call your phone. I’ve done this for people. If that’s what it takes, I’ll do it.

Are you ready for a challenge?


Starting Monday, October 22 I challenge you to begin your day with a workout. This will be a challenge group full of people with the exact same goal. To get up. This challenge will go for 21 days. By the end of the 21 days this will become a habit for you and you will not think twice when that alarm clock goes off in the AM. You will be part of a private Facebook group. This is for your accountability and you will also be provided with support and ideas. I will also provide reminders and motivation. If this sounds like something you need, click on the icon above and see my post on how to register. It’s simple and it will only bring out the best in you. I guarantee it.

No one has ever worked out in the morning and when they were done thought, “boy I really wish I wouldn’t have done that.”

Just get up. Get it over with. Your days are so much better when you start them off this way. Trust me. Now, I just need to listen to myself.



2 Sep

If you look to your right (on the screen) you will see that I have 13 days until I run a half-marathon. 13.1 miles. 13.1 miles should not be considered “only half” of anything. I don’t think I’m the only one who thinks this. Right?

Any who-I normally run long on Sunday’s, but I woke up to some rain and thunder and figured I better stay in. If it came right down to it, I would just run the 9 miles on the treadmill (super boring), but since I have the day off tomorrow, I will run it then. Simple as pie.

I started an online workout log for you to view and enjoy. I should have done this a long time ago. I post alot of my workouts on facebook, but I thought this would be another way for me to be accountable. 


Do you log your workouts? I feel like that’s all I do. I log them through Beachbody, through work (we get points for eating healthy and working out), Myfitnesspal, and now through here. I think in order to be successful you need to let people know what you’re doing. Sometimes I feel like “they’re watching me, I better move…”  and I go and do something. If I kept this all to myself I probably wouldn’t feel guilty if I quit or didn’t try hard enough. I like to feel the pressure. That’s how I operate. 

If you’re serious about your health and fitness, whether you want to improve or maintain, you need to do what’s best for you. Take a look and ask yourself what would work best? Are you living at your full potential? Could you be feel better? Why do you keep putting it off? Do you need help? Did you know, all you have to do is ask?

Email me anytime @ sweetsnsweat@gmail.com ❤

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