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How Sarah lost over 40 pounds…

13 Jan


I get asked a lot about how I lost my weight and how I got into running. It didn’t happen over night, it took years of me being over weight and "trying" (not really) to lose weight. I told myself I was a happy person, I didn’t need my world to revolve around food and how many calories, fat, etc I was eating. Truth was it did revolve around food, but in a bad way. I ate whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. Never thinking about the consequences of my eating, or the example I was setting for my daughter. I had high cholesterol and my liver levels were not in the normal range, I was 40 pounds overweight and out of shape. I ate my meals like it was my last one.

Not sure why it finally clicked but in June 2011 (the 13th to be exact) I actually started my journey. Here are a few things I changed right away.

  • Started walking
  • Went cold turkey on cheeseburgers and fries for one WHOLE month.
  • Switched flour tortillas for corn (it’s the little things)
  • Started eating the Special K protein bars for lunch, usually with fruit, veggies, cheese, etc.
  • Quit drinking Dr. Pepper
  • Starting drinking water and lots of it!
  • Cut my portions down
  • Started eating breakfast. I’m still not a big breakfast eater, but I’m trying.
  • Protein Shakes
  • I started tracking all my food and exercise in My Fitness Pal.

I sarahbeforecan’t believe I’m making this picture public, but here I am October 2010, 40 plus pounds over weight. Sadly this picture wasn’t enough to get me active until June 2011. 



It was hard at first, really hard. But once I started seeing results it became easier. I tell myself every day I am happy, I am healthy. I will not go back to being 42 pounds overweight!

I walked 5-6 days per week, 4 miles at least with a friend. We walked all summer that year. When the time changed, it was harder for us to walk during the week so I started trying to run. I made it 1/2 mile and I thought my lungs were going to explode! I kept trying and I would run 1/2 mile, walk 1/2 mile and so on.

A friend talked me into signing up for a 5k on Thanksgiving Day that year, so now it’s getting serious. I did that 5k and I was hooked! I decided to sign up for the Cowtown 10k which was February 25, 2012 and my training began. I didn’t follow any specific training schedule, I just ran, each time increasing my mileage just a little bit. By the time February hit I was at 7 miles and I had lost 42 pounds.

I still struggle with eating the right food. I don’t have any special diets like Vegan, Vegetarian and Paleo. I just try to eat the best way I can. I still eat almost all the same foods I just cook them differently and eat less of it. I have been trying new veggies. I still don’t like asparagus. I did recently try spaghetti squash and I will try it again. I do love Broccolini!


I have days when I don’t make the right choices, I just know the next day is a new day. I can begin again.

I love being able to encourage others. I love that I have made new friends in this journey. I love that I am a good example for my daughter. I think I have made my little family proud of me. I never thought I could achieve anything at my age, let alone be running half marathons and be considering a full marathon. I never thought I’d get up before the sun to run. I don’t get up that early for anything but vacation!

I never thought at my age that I’d have something to be this proud of. I run to set an example for my daughter. I run for my health. I run to compete against my old self, the out of shape self, to prove to her that I don’t have to be her anymore.sarahchristmas


You can follow Sarah on her blog, How my world runs.

Ultimate Reset: Day 6

4 May

Day 6. Feeling super mellow today. Not much of an appetite at all.
I didn’t eat my breakfast until after nine this morning. That’s about 3 hours later than normal. Breakfast was some avacado, tempeh, toast, and steamed spinach. Very filling and very good.

My boss let me off two hours early today since it’s my birthday week. So, I was off at noon. This worked out perfectly because I needed to run out of town to get groceries for week 2. I packed a healthy lunch for the drive. I did not feel like eating, which is so not me! I packed some carrots, green apple, and some almonds.

Dinner was a zucchini and cashew soup and roasted root vegetables (beets, carrots, and onion). The soup was alright, too much for me, but I ate it all like a good girl. The veggies were super good!

Not too shabby of a day. Feeling a little bleh and tired, but that’s expected. Very excited to go to bed early and sleep in. I hope my little man heard that last part!


9 Apr

Last weeks workouts:
Monday: Chest + Back + Balance & Ab Ripper
Tuesday: Plyocide
Wednesday: X2 Shoulders & Arms & Ab Ripper
Thursday: Rest
Friday: TurboFire 60
Saturday: Base & Back & Ab Ripper
Sunday: Run

What a busy week! The last couple of weeks I have used a day for rest. Which is something I rarely do, but I started a new schedule with P90X 2 and I think my body just needed it. I didn’t take a day off because I was lazy and didn’t feel like it….that’s lame. I believe in listening to your body in order to prevent injury or illness.

I was not able to run very much this week. My husband works long hours in the spring, so I go when I can.

I sure didn’t feel like working out today. I got off work, started laundry, and decided to gut out and clean my bathroom closets, and re-organize my makeup case. What a crazy life I live.



A few laundry loads later I looked at my little man and said, "It's time to go workout buddy." He gets so excited.

It is quite interesting working out with a 2 year old. When I am doing push-ups he seems to think that I am making him a bridge to crawl under. Or, he drives trucks up and down my back. Do I get extra points for difficulty?

When he was 1, I had to wake up at 4:30 am to fit my workout in. If I didn't do it first thing in the morning, I was at risk of missing it entirely. Now, not so much. I make a point to fit in an hour workout daily. Why? It makes me feel better and I never regret it.

The moral of my blabbing is: get your workouts in. Are you better at making excuses? Stop it *smack*
My challenge for you is to stop with the excuses and show your body some love! You only get one body. It is a great gift! Take care of it!


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