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Get on up!

14 Oct

Get your butt out of bed and get some sweat on! I need someone to stand by the side of my bed every morning at 5:00 am and scream this in my face. I used to be soooo good at getting my workouts in in the morning. 4:30 am actually. Maddox was just a little itty bitty guy back then and it was my only option. Now, I have more options and that actually makes it alot more difficult. I still workout out every day, but it’s usually in the afternoon or in the evening. I hate it. I just can’t get into my morning groove and I’m creating this list to help us both.


  • No snooze. I honestly do not hit snooze. I don’t even know how. I am guilty of setting my alarm to 5, then to 5: 30, and so on. Like that extra half hour makes a huge difference.
  • Still hitting snooze? Put your alarm clock across the room so you have to get up to shut it off.
  • Wear your workout clothes to bed.
  • Set out your workout clothes for the next day. I always have my workout clothes hanging up in the bathroom, ready to go.
  • Plan what workout you are doing ATLEAST a day in advance and get excited about it.
  • Put a motivating picture by your bed. Or a motivating quote. For me, it would be the opposite, but I’m weird. I should put a “fat Lindsay” picture on my nightstand to scare me out of bed.
  • Tell someone you are going to workout in the morning and ask them to hold you to it.
  • Ask a friend to workout with you. Whether it’s with you in the same room or you can workout together in your separate homes. Just knowing your BFF is yawning and slipping on her workout clothes just like you makes it so much easier to endure.
  • Plan a post-workout snack. I love food and I look forward to eating it. I like to plan my snacks. Usually it’s Shakeology, but after a run, it’s Shakeology and something else. Just keep it clean folks.
  • Have someone text you or call your phone. I’ve done this for people. If that’s what it takes, I’ll do it.

Are you ready for a challenge?


Starting Monday, October 22 I challenge you to begin your day with a workout. This will be a challenge group full of people with the exact same goal. To get up. This challenge will go for 21 days. By the end of the 21 days this will become a habit for you and you will not think twice when that alarm clock goes off in the AM. You will be part of a private Facebook group. This is for your accountability and you will also be provided with support and ideas. I will also provide reminders and motivation. If this sounds like something you need, click on the icon above and see my post on how to register. It’s simple and it will only bring out the best in you. I guarantee it.

No one has ever worked out in the morning and when they were done thought, “boy I really wish I wouldn’t have done that.”

Just get up. Get it over with. Your days are so much better when you start them off this way. Trust me. Now, I just need to listen to myself.


The list.

11 Sep

How many times in your life have you tried to lose a few pounds? I know I’ve tried several times. I failed in the past because I didn’t educate myself or ask for help. 80 pounds later, I feel like I can dish out some advice.


  • Identify your WHY. Why do you want to lose weight. Write down the top 5 reasons and keep them close to you. If you ever wonder why you started this or you get discouraged, just take out your list and that will revive your ambitions.
  • Set short and long term goals. They can be monthly, quarterly, and annually. This way you always feel like you have to look forward to something. This will also keep you from setting unrealistic goals because as your body changes month to month your goals will change. Trust me.
  • Pick out a workout program. Find something that you will LOVE. You need to look forward to doing this every day. Don’t get something that you will dread doing. Pick something that inspires you.
  • Go shopping! Picking out a new workout shirt or shoes is a fun way to reward yourself. I find that I’m more excited to workout when I have a something cute and fun to wear.
  • Designate a special area. I am fortunate enough to have a room I can set aside as a workout room. If you do not have this advantage, no worries! Use your living room, bedroom, garage, etc. Any place will work. Just make it your own!
  • Weigh and measure. I do not stalk my scale. But, when you first begin, you need to weigh yourself. Don’t go overboard and weigh in daily. Your weight fluctuates too much and this can cause confusion and frustration. Weigh once a week or once every two weeks. Measurements are what you need to look at. Measure each arm and leg, your butt, chest, hips, and neck. Record this in a notebook so you can look back and see how much you improve every week. This is very motivating.
  • Track your nutrition. This is key. If you think you can get out of this one, think again. Go online, use an app. Do whatever it takes. You need to see where you are every day. Not only should you be creating that caloric deficit when you are trying to lose, but you need to look if you are getting the proper nutrition and fuel your body needs.
  • Identify your weaknesses. Is it sweets? Salty snacks? Get them the heck out of your house. If they’re not in there you won’t eat them. If you are tempted to eat junk-just picture me yelling at you.
  • Educate yourself. Subscribe to a fitness magazine. Read a book on nutrition. We all know that knowledge is power.  I look at it like this: If I had to take care of something very special, I would want to know everything about it, treat it right and love it.  You are special. You need to treat yourself right and love yourself. Put yourself on a pedestal. It’s time to take care of yourself. Our bodies need to move and be fueled with the proper foods. If you want to live long and healthy that is.
  • Support. Surround yourself with supportive family and friends. Let them know what you are doing. They need to be considerate of your goals. They might want to join you! Always keep in mind when temptations arise that you are in control and you know and will do what is best for your body. If some people can’t see that or don’t care, then you may want to do some weeding…

I hope this list of mine will be of some help to you. Whether you are on your journey or you want to start tomorrow. Don’t wait until another Monday rolls around. Screw that! Start now!

If you have any questions about this list, need some guidance or help picking out a workout program please comment below or email me at sweetsnsweat@gmail.com

Need Some Help?

30 May

Thursday-P90X 2 PAP Upper
Friday-Run (treadmill)
Saturday-Run (treadmill)
Sunday-P90X 2 PAP Lower
Monday-P90X 2 PAP Upper
Tuesday-Run (treadmill)

I am loving this rain we have been getting! I love gloomy days. Do you?

I have been doing great with my workouts this past week. I have not missed a beat. I have two weeks left of P90X 2. I am not sure what I am going to do next. I will be starting my 1/2 marathon training in June, which is pretty soon holy crap. I am excited, but I am getting pretty nervous.

I have SO many workout dvd’s I won’t have a problem finding something to do on my off training days. I will probably mix strength training and stretching or yoga.

I started a challenge group last week. We focused on clean eating and sticking to a workout routine. I will wrap it up on Friday. I hope they come out of the challenge a little wiser and more aware of what it takes to keep your body running properly. If you are interested in a challenge group or you would like a private one-on-one session, please let me know. I would be honored to be a part of your journey. Just go to my Facebook and send me a message.

Ultimate Reset: Day 10

8 May

Day 10! I lost another 3 pounds, so I am down a total of 7.5 pounds so far.

A fruit plate was on the agenda for breakfast. Very happy about that. My sweet tooth was excited too. I had an orange, kiwi, and some grapes. Delicious!

I usually am starving all morning, but today I was just fine. My body is adjusting!

All of a sudden it was time for lunch. I had roasted beets and a microgreen salad. The beets were so good! I wish I would have bought more than I did. This is a recipe I will keep for future meals.

Dinner time! I did a lot of chopping for my vegetable soup. Lots of veggies! Garlic, carrots, onion, celery, bok choy, ginger, broccoli, green beans, and green onion. I think that is it! I made a double batch so I can have it tomorrow for lunch. It was very good. I wish I could have more right now.


My sweets craving is gone today, but I am craving bread or something crunchy. I will just keep drinking my water and forget about it. Good thing it is almost bedtime. I am not an evening snacker, but lately the evenings are the toughest. Oh well, suck it up Lindsay.

Ultimate Reset: Day 8

6 May

The start of another week! I am now in the “Release Phase.” Here is what it’s all about, straight from Beachbody:

“In Week Two, you’ll continue to refine your diet. You’ll have stopped eating animal proteins and dairy and you’ll be eating vegetarian meals. You’ll also be adding the next element in the Beachbody Ultimate Reset™ protocol: Detox. This supplement will help restore optimum health to your entire gastrointestinal tract, while detoxifying your body through improved bowel movements.
Although the Ultimate Reset is gentle, you may find you’re releasing toxic substances from more than just your digestive tract. Some people experience skin breakouts, while others find themselves releasing toxic emotions or dropping negative habits they’ve been holding on to.”

Oh boy. The food today was yummy, as usual. But, the detox that I have to drink…three times daily…not so much. I have a trick for drinking disgusting things. Plug my nose and drink, then keep exhaling until I am ready. The taste still lingers a bit and I sound like I’m going into labor, but it works. Hey, it’ll all be worth it in the end.

Ok I will stop yapping. I am sure you are dying to see my food art for the day….
Breakfast (I feel like I have to think back
really far) was a fresh fruit plate.


Lunch was another microgreen salad with avocado. The microgreen salad had cucumbers, shredded carrots, sprouts, red peppers, and pecans. Don’t you just love the smell of cucumbers?

I had a late dinner. My parents were over for a visit and I didn’t want to freak them out with my weird drinking ritual. Dinner consisted of pinto beans and rice, green beans, and zucchini. Kind of a weird combo, I mean they should put some more beans in this recipe…. It was very good though.


Weekend is over and it is time to get back to my normal routine. Looking forward to the week ahead.

Ultimate Reset: Day 4

2 May

Good evening all! Wow, lots of food today! I am down 4.5 pounds so far! I felt really good and I felt like my old energy is back.

I was really excited for breakfast this morning! You can see why! Yogurt, fruit, and a piece of toast. Very filling and very good.


Lunch was huge! I ate every last bit of it. Kind of a replay from the past few days. A microgreen salad, tempeh, brown rice, avacado, carrots, and a cucumber salad (good thing I love cucumbers, because I have to eat alot!) Why is the photo upside down? Because I have to hang upside down for 20 minutes before I eat….hehehe kidding.

Dinner was AMAZING! Veggies sauteed in coconut oil, quinoa, and a cucumber salad. You have to try this if you have not before, so dang good!

I am loving this reset. I’m not craving anything or whining because I cannot have something. It has me thinking alot about food and how I and others view it. The obesity in this country is just getting out of control and we need to do something about it! If you think you’re hungry, find something else to do and wait another 15-20 minutes. If you’re still hungry then find something nutritious to snack on. If that doesn’t sound good then you’re just not hungry. You are probably thirsty, so go and drink some water.
Think about how you view food. Is it comforting? Do you eat out of boredom? It’s time to change those bad habits and get healthy!

****Oh, my Ultimate Reset site is finally up. Just go to: myultimatereset.com/lindsayelaine

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