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Ultimate Reset: Day 12

10 May

Happy Friday Eve! I was hungry the moment I woke up this morning. I was so excited to have my fruit plate. A green apple, kiwi, purple grapes, and blueberries.

You see that green apple? Well, it was a bad apple. It was gross. I threw it away. Sorry Mr. Apple.

Lunch I made pilaf again….and I burned the crap out of it. I still ate it though, it was a little crunchy and my house smelled. Nice job Lindsay. Here’s a before picture. Sorry, there’s no after.


We had to run out of town this afternoon, so when we finally got home I started chopping away. I made a veggie stir-fry and some beets. Weird combo for you? Not me.

My tips for the day:
1: Make your meals as colorful as possible.
2: Pay attention to your food so it doesn’t burn.
3: Don’t eat bad apples, they’re gross.

Ultimate Reset: Day 11

9 May

I can not believe it is day 11 already! I started the day off with another pretty fresh fruit plate.

Late morning was a struggle. I was pretty hungry, so I just kept on drinking water. I was looking forward to my lunch. Leftover veggie soup from last night. Mmmm

Dinner was another repeat, quinoa lentil pilaf and a cucumber salad. I absolutely love this dish. I wish I could eat some more if it right now!


I got a little cardio in today, I cut grass for about an hour and a half. I miss working out though. I miss Tony Horton đŸ˜¦ kicking my butt. Soon , we will meet again….

Ultimate Reset: Day 10

8 May

Day 10! I lost another 3 pounds, so I am down a total of 7.5 pounds so far.

A fruit plate was on the agenda for breakfast. Very happy about that. My sweet tooth was excited too. I had an orange, kiwi, and some grapes. Delicious!

I usually am starving all morning, but today I was just fine. My body is adjusting!

All of a sudden it was time for lunch. I had roasted beets and a microgreen salad. The beets were so good! I wish I would have bought more than I did. This is a recipe I will keep for future meals.

Dinner time! I did a lot of chopping for my vegetable soup. Lots of veggies! Garlic, carrots, onion, celery, bok choy, ginger, broccoli, green beans, and green onion. I think that is it! I made a double batch so I can have it tomorrow for lunch. It was very good. I wish I could have more right now.


My sweets craving is gone today, but I am craving bread or something crunchy. I will just keep drinking my water and forget about it. Good thing it is almost bedtime. I am not an evening snacker, but lately the evenings are the toughest. Oh well, suck it up Lindsay.

Ultimate Reset: Day 9

7 May

Another day. Today was probably the worst day for cravings. I have a big sweet tooth and that’s what I have been craving. Something sweet. Mmmm. My red head stubborness pays off during weak moments like this and I just can’t disappoint myself by giving in. I really wanted to eat the banana I cut up for Maddox this morning, but I didn’t. I really wanted a bite of his grilled cheese, but I didn’t. The chicken breast, veggies, and hashbrowns my husband made himself (yes, I am a bad wife) smelled so good, but I was a good girl.

I was so hoping fruit was on the menu (there’s that sweet tooth again) for breakfast. Nope. How about some beans for breakfast?! I had steamed spinach, avocado, and chickpeas. Weird breakfast, but I was satisfied with it.

Lunch was yet another microgreen salad and pinto beans with brown rice.

Dinner was quinoa lentil pilaf with steamed broccoli. I enjoyed this dish the more I ate it. It was very tasty.

I know this week will be alot different than last week because I started my detox. This evening I feel kind of down and irritable. God bless my husband. I know this is all part of the package. Soon, I will feel rejuvinated and good as new!

Ultimate Reset: Day 8

6 May

The start of another week! I am now in the “Release Phase.” Here is what it’s all about, straight from Beachbody:

“In Week Two, you’ll continue to refine your diet. You’ll have stopped eating animal proteins and dairy and you’ll be eating vegetarian meals. You’ll also be adding the next element in the Beachbody Ultimate Resetâ„¢ protocol: Detox. This supplement will help restore optimum health to your entire gastrointestinal tract, while detoxifying your body through improved bowel movements.
Although the Ultimate Reset is gentle, you may find you’re releasing toxic substances from more than just your digestive tract. Some people experience skin breakouts, while others find themselves releasing toxic emotions or dropping negative habits they’ve been holding on to.”

Oh boy. The food today was yummy, as usual. But, the detox that I have to drink…three times daily…not so much. I have a trick for drinking disgusting things. Plug my nose and drink, then keep exhaling until I am ready. The taste still lingers a bit and I sound like I’m going into labor, but it works. Hey, it’ll all be worth it in the end.

Ok I will stop yapping. I am sure you are dying to see my food art for the day….
Breakfast (I feel like I have to think back
really far) was a fresh fruit plate.


Lunch was another microgreen salad with avocado. The microgreen salad had cucumbers, shredded carrots, sprouts, red peppers, and pecans. Don’t you just love the smell of cucumbers?

I had a late dinner. My parents were over for a visit and I didn’t want to freak them out with my weird drinking ritual. Dinner consisted of pinto beans and rice, green beans, and zucchini. Kind of a weird combo, I mean they should put some more beans in this recipe…. It was very good though.


Weekend is over and it is time to get back to my normal routine. Looking forward to the week ahead.

Ultimate Reset: Day 7

5 May

Week one is done! This week has not been difficult at all. I actually went for a run on my treadmill this morning. I know we are supposed to take it easy, but I don’t want to fall behind in my training. So, ssshhh.
I went to bed early and I got to sleep in until 8:30. So refreshing!
After my run I had breakfast. Nothing like a hot bowl of oatmeal when you’re dripping with sweat! I also had a side of apple and greek yogurt.

I even got to take a nice warm bath after breakfast, thanks to my sweet husband. It’s nice to have some quiet time to myself once in a while. Even if I have to bathe with an elmo bath mat…
Lunch was another cashew and zucchini soup. I didn’t feel like going through the whole process of making the soup. So, I steamed the zucchini and had that with a pile of cashews. I also had another microgreen salad.


Dinner was large! I ate a little more since I ran. Steamed veggies, brown rice, and tempeh.

Very excited for the week ahead. I will be taking the same supplements as I did this week, but I will be adding Detox.
Also, I am looking forward to new foods and recipes!

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