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Good Life

19 Mar

Good Life. Not only is this one of my favorite songs (One Republic, listen to it) these two words come to my mind every day. I don’t want to get all sappy, but every morning when I wake up I think to myself how blessed I am that I get to open up my eyes and see, that I am warm in my own bed in my own house, that my husband is next to me (when he doesn’t fall asleep on the couch), and that my son is safe, healthy, and warm in the next room.  I don’t ever want to take that for granted. Nor should anyone. Count your blessings every day. So many of us only think of blessings when life has us down and out. We shouldn’t think like that. Every day, thank God for what you have and who you have. Make your life a good life. OK, I am jumping off of my podium now.

Anyways! More importantly…I bought some new shoes 😉 My feet and legs were starting to get pretty crabby after my last few runs. So, off to Bismarck I and my little side-kick went. How long will my son willingly go shopping with me? It was just a crazy day. I walked into the mall and realized my short-sleeve cardigan was inside out for the world to see. So, I slipped into an aisle and switched it around. What an idiot. I told my brother and he said, “that’s my sister.”

Running schedule is coming along too! I am in the middle of the fourth week I believe. It is so crazy how much I improve every time I go out.

I am also on my third week of P90 X 2. I run on my rest days and I squeeze one more in when I can. I always go on and on about the workout program I am currently doing, but let me just say, Beachbody really hit a home run with this one. I can’t believe how amazing I feel when I am done with each workout. They are definitely not easy, but that just wouldn’t be any fun if they were. Have you ever heard of a foam roller? No? Ok, you need to go to my shopping tab and my Beachbody store and take a look. I never heard of a foam roller before this program. I now have two. One for my workout room and one for my living room upstairs. Might as well be doing something while I’m watching Frasier or the Golden Girls. What? The 90’s are over? Says who?

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