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9 Apr

Last weeks workouts:
Monday: Chest + Back + Balance & Ab Ripper
Tuesday: Plyocide
Wednesday: X2 Shoulders & Arms & Ab Ripper
Thursday: Rest
Friday: TurboFire 60
Saturday: Base & Back & Ab Ripper
Sunday: Run

What a busy week! The last couple of weeks I have used a day for rest. Which is something I rarely do, but I started a new schedule with P90X 2 and I think my body just needed it. I didn’t take a day off because I was lazy and didn’t feel like it….that’s lame. I believe in listening to your body in order to prevent injury or illness.

I was not able to run very much this week. My husband works long hours in the spring, so I go when I can.

I sure didn’t feel like working out today. I got off work, started laundry, and decided to gut out and clean my bathroom closets, and re-organize my makeup case. What a crazy life I live.



A few laundry loads later I looked at my little man and said, "It's time to go workout buddy." He gets so excited.

It is quite interesting working out with a 2 year old. When I am doing push-ups he seems to think that I am making him a bridge to crawl under. Or, he drives trucks up and down my back. Do I get extra points for difficulty?

When he was 1, I had to wake up at 4:30 am to fit my workout in. If I didn't do it first thing in the morning, I was at risk of missing it entirely. Now, not so much. I make a point to fit in an hour workout daily. Why? It makes me feel better and I never regret it.

The moral of my blabbing is: get your workouts in. Are you better at making excuses? Stop it *smack*
My challenge for you is to stop with the excuses and show your body some love! You only get one body. It is a great gift! Take care of it!


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